Tuesday, 30 March 2010

03-28-10 03-28-10
JC sweater, h&m tshirt, only self cutted shorts, lindex dotted tights, primark socks and converse

The outfit is from a couple of days ago, when it rained outside while I listened to vampire weekend. Since the spring break started, it has been crappy weather every freaking day! It makes me depressed. I want to have the spring feeling and sun every day now. But the weather gods hate me and Norway ofc.

I used the dotted tights in public for the first time. Gah, I get so nervous every time I try them on. I don’t want the lovely tights to get rip like the last time I bought dotted tights and tried them on. But I have luckily found a store where they sell dotted tights for cheap money compared to the store I bought this one. So let us hope that I will not rip these tights again..


Sunday, 28 March 2010

sunday afternoon

oreo milkshake

oreo milkshake

Although it has been over a month since I came home with Oreo cookies from nyc, I have still not eaten them up and I have been thinking a lot about making oreo milkshake lately. So I decided to ask Linh if she wanted to make Oreo milkshake with chocolate ice cream with me. The process of making milkshake went quick and messy, but the result was incredible good! After cleaning the kitchen, we went to my room with the milkshakes and started to drink while talking about girl stuff like always. But after a while, we became really sick before we even drunk halfway of the milkshakes. We both know for sure now that to drink up fast is not good at all for our stomach.

oreo milkshake

After managing to drink up without throwing up, we quickly threw over the computer and started to listen to music and thanks to linh, im addicted to yesterday with Toni Braxton. Arg, im going to listen to the song for several weeks now. Now im heading to McDonalds with Linh. Yikes! Im going for sure now to gain ten punds after the holiday!

Friday, 26 March 2010

03-25-10 03-24-10
h&m blazer, sweater+tights, F21 high waisted short, converse

The days with sun and the snow melting, are now passed. The perfect weather is now replaced with grey weather, rain and bitterly cold wind. Arg, the weather gods must really hate me somehow and i was really looking forward to start spring break with sun and warmth weather. Well well, school days are over atm, and days with laziness and junk food are near. Lol, i bet that im going to gain some pounds when the spring break is over. You guys know that i’m weak on food that contains sugar and fat.

Btw, do you guys remember the chemistry test i had for a week ago? Well, i got it back today, and it turned out that i got a 4, which is a B or C, on the test and i got a 5+ on a deutch test. this week have been a good week, when it comes to grades. The outfit is from yesterday, and i can unsure you that i froze to death when the weather Gods decided to hate me. I shouldn’t have picked shorts and tights that day. why weather gods, why? Now the chocolate is crying for me to be eaten and i ofc need comfort. Have a nice spring break for those who have spring break!

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

03-23-10 03-23-10
h&m oversized tshirt, only pants, cross necklace borrowed by linh and hunter wellingtons

Congrats America with your new healthcare reform! I hope the new reform will save the thousands of Americans who haven’t health insurance. I feel so sad after seeing Sicko by Michael Moore, but it made me more thankful that I live in Norway than America, even though I will love to live in America with the all shopping access. I’m very glad that Norway hasn’t the health insurance and that we have the reform we have at the moment. i will rather pay high taxes then have a crappy health insurance.

These days I’m enjoying the last school week before spring holiday and it is only three days to go! The best part of this week, is that the damn snow has started to melt away, and the sun is shining almost every day now, accept for this morning when the clouds decided to rain. In the spring holiday, my sister is coming home from Oslo, which means mom is going to make homemade Vietnamese cousin and I get my Easter egg! We have a tradition in Norway that the children and the adults get a easter egg fill with candy.I can’t wait to wake up late in the morning, eat candy and good food every day, hang out with my friends and most of all, watch Hercule Poirot movies. hallelujah.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

good night

one of my favourite bedtime songs.

Friday, 19 March 2010

starbucks coffee  cup

The nerve-racking feeling for the chemistry test is finally over. First place, i thought would be really difficult, but the test went surprisingly well and i managed to answer almost all the questions. However, I know for sure now that chemistry is not one of my best subjects. Thank God, I didn’t chose science and mathematics as my main subjects next year. Well, Well, to bad i don't have 160 iq and photographic memory.

I celebrate the weekend with a cup of vanilla tea and an episode of Skins. This weekend I will probably just wander around in my pajamas while singing with my crow voice, like always. Accept for Sunday, where i have to leave my beloving pajamas and hang out with my close friend, Lene. I love weekends, and my crow singing voice of course.

Have a nice weekend!

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

oreo and milk

oreos and milk fits perfect when your brain tries to understand chemistry.

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

i'm lykke li

avatars myspace with Gickr

Atm, I’m singing loud to Marina and The Diamonds! I have the entire house to myself, which means loud music, terrible bad dance moves and crow singing voice. I love to have the house to myself. It almost feels like the movie Risky Business, just accept for I’m not standing in my underwear and socks. Gah, this week is full with tests. Again. Argh, I’m sick of school. I wish I could take a plane away from school and the damn snow, to California or a place in Europe, which hasn’t snow at all! Before I return to my terrible dance moves, I just want to thank all the congratulations I got on behalf of my sister! Thank you, again. It means a lot to me.

03-16-10 03-16-10

zara cardigan, arctic monkeys tshirt, h&m belt - borrowed by linh, h&m tights, F21 skirt, converse

Sunday, 14 March 2010

03-14-10 03-14-10
h&m divided leatherjacket + shirt, nike sweater, bikbok wannabe leather tights, primark tote bag

My hair is some cm shorter and my fringe is back! It’s little weird to have short hair again, but my fringe is some cm shorter than usual, so atm i'm trying to hide the fringe until it is some cm longer. Do you guys remember the dotted tights I bought in Sweden and that I managed to ruin the tights? Well, I found some new ones! I found one with hearts too, but I'm trying to save money to the garden collection and to øya festival tickets. so i left the store without the adorable heart tigths. I got so happy when I saw the stockings hanging there. Now I just have to wait to the damn snow is gone, so I can use them. Arg, I hate to live in Norway sometimes. Now i have to run, its karaoke time!

Saturday, 13 March 2010



Friday, 12 March 2010

craving for spring

The garden collection from my favorite store h&m, looks fantastic! Especially the dresses with floral prints and the colours. They remind me so much about the 60s. The dresses, shorts, basically everything from the collection, made me crying after sun and spring. The damn snow will not disappear at all! But anyway, i have already started to save every penny to the floral dresses. I hope the collection comes to the mall in the town I’m living.

Thursday, 11 March 2010

03-11-10 03-11-10
only pants, bikbok shirt, h&m divided leatherjacket, and converse

I got the finally the chance to use the leatherjacket today. I love it, and I hope the damn snow will disappear soon. As soon as possible so I can use the jacket more often. The days have goon quickly and the days with exams and written examinations are near. I get nervous just by thinking about it. I hate exams, especially oral exams. I get so nervous and I hate to speak loud in front of unknown persons. The school days, have been full with tests, homework and lectures. Every moment I have time, I spending on watching skins on YouTube. Hehe.

So much is coming up this weekend. Two persons have birthday, I’m going to Sandefjord to meet a friend of mine, who i haven’t seen in ages, and cut my hair on Saturday. On Sunday i’ll visit a friend+ homework. Can’t wait to have my fringe again. My forehead feel so naked without the fringe. btw, thank for you guys, who have comment on blog lately. it makes me so happy and motivates me alot!

Wednesday, 10 March 2010






stills from an education

On the way to the states, I got to see a lot of movies on the flight. The movies are one thing I like about planes, because you get time to see movies that you haven’t got time or money to see back home. Before being on the plane, I had longed to see an education for a long time. After seeing the trailer over dozen times. And for my big surprised they had the movie on the flight! I was thrilled and excited. An education is one movie I really recommend if you like 1960s, like i am,and fashion. i drooled a lot on Jennys clothes(the main person in the movie). the dresses she wore, was so beautiful ! Carey Mulligan truly deserves the oscar nomination for best actress. Beside good acting and costumes, I liked the soundtracks and the story. The music fitted so perfectly for the movie, and the story was cute and a little bit sad.

Monday, 8 March 2010


jelly beans



Lookie! my friend, Helene suprised me with Jelly Beans during the deutch class! I totally forgot to buy Jelly Beans in the states, so I asked my friend, Helene, if her friend could buy Jelly Beans in London. Me and Julie(Uley) drooled on the can during the deutch class. i didn't want to open in and eat it. i want it to last for ever, even though THAT won't last for long. i can't wait to open the can and taste the lemon one. yummie...

Sunday, 7 March 2010

leatherjacket leatherjacket
my favourite item from the new york trip. i don't regret at all and i love it. can't wait to the snow to disapair so i can wander around in the streets with my new leatherjacket.

Saturday, 6 March 2010

03-03-10 03-03-10

h&m divided blazer +vtshirt, only pants and converse

Every single floor in the house are cleaned and vacuumed and dirty clothes are now cleaned. I have just cleaned the entire house and now I’m exhausted. Hmm, maybe I was Mary Poppins in one of my earlier life? I have finally got my dearest computer back. I can’t simply not survive the days without my computer in my lap. God, I have missed the computer so much. Not surprising enough, the first thing I did when I got the PC back, was to update all the blogs I'm stocking.The outfit is from few days back. Simple. Now the homework is waiting! Have a nice weekend, kids !

Friday, 5 March 2010


yes, some of the pictures are fucked up because of tinypic. Yes, tinypic, I HATE YOU ! and the pictures by mistaken are deleted from the cumputer. sorry, guys!



The winter holiday is over and I’m in middle of a new week. It’s a little bit weird to be home again. My body and my mind are so used to follow after the American time, even though I was only there for a couple of days. I had a blast time over there, and it was good feeling to be with my sister again. I love to travel around the world with her and I really miss it.

I miss the American food so much! I ate pretty much bagel with cream cheese and fruit beside to breakfast almost every day and to dinner we brought either food from the deli or the Chinese restaurant across the street. We ate on a restaurant just once, on Friday’s where I tasted New York Stake for the first time. I was so full that I couldn’t order cheese cake to desert and even brought left overs home. Me and my sister shopped clothes almost every day. Shopping was a popular activity we did, when we were there. I got to shop in shop one of my favorites stores in America, F21. We even took a bus to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, which is an outlet town. Shopping was not the only thing we did while we were there. I got to experience to be on the top of Empire State building, and to walk through China Town, SoHo, Little Italy and New York’s beautiful streets. I will give everything to be back in New York, but I think I fit better in London then New York. Maybe I should travel to London next time?

Tuesday, 2 March 2010



Bought them in the states for only $40. My new obsessions for the spring and its my sixth pair of my converse collection.

Monday, 1 March 2010




IMG_1212 copy

IMG_1247 copy

IMG_1352 copy


IMG_1358 copy
PART #2 : 1. times square during the daylight 2. empire state building from long distance 3. my sister- inside empire state 4. statue of liberty + the view from the top of the building 5. my dearest sis on the top of the world 6. random street in soho(?) 7. china town