Friday, 26 March 2010

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h&m blazer, sweater+tights, F21 high waisted short, converse

The days with sun and the snow melting, are now passed. The perfect weather is now replaced with grey weather, rain and bitterly cold wind. Arg, the weather gods must really hate me somehow and i was really looking forward to start spring break with sun and warmth weather. Well well, school days are over atm, and days with laziness and junk food are near. Lol, i bet that im going to gain some pounds when the spring break is over. You guys know that i’m weak on food that contains sugar and fat.

Btw, do you guys remember the chemistry test i had for a week ago? Well, i got it back today, and it turned out that i got a 4, which is a B or C, on the test and i got a 5+ on a deutch test. this week have been a good week, when it comes to grades. The outfit is from yesterday, and i can unsure you that i froze to death when the weather Gods decided to hate me. I shouldn’t have picked shorts and tights that day. why weather gods, why? Now the chocolate is crying for me to be eaten and i ofc need comfort. Have a nice spring break for those who have spring break!


  1. jeg må spørre, hvor har du kjøpt plakatene dine ? :)

  2. tuva: jeg kjøpte the beatles og arctic monkeys plaktatene i london, i hmv. det lille mini plakaten fikk jeg med i NME-bladet ; )

  3. okei, stilige er de hvertfall!
    sv: hehe, bare hyggelig det! jeg tenkte jeg skulle begynne med det, så hvorfor ikke ta en blogg jeg liker :)

  4. the beatles are my favourite band ever bar none

  5. A great outfit for a great girl!

  6. cute sneakers!!!

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