Friday, 24 December 2010

god jul

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h&m dress and zara loafers
Merry christmas and happy holidays!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

occupying london #3


I can barely remember what I did in London. It has been over two months since I were there, and I know you guys must be tires of my London pictures, but I swear it’s the last London post I ever do this year. The last day we were there, was on a Thursday – very bad day if you are going to visit Portobello Road and your main focus is the flea market because it is never flea market on a Thursday. FML T_T However, I got to taste my first cupcake from the bakery, Hummingbird which was the BEST cupcake ever. Yumyum, heavenly taste of a red velvet cupcake. Later that day, we decided to have a small picnic in a park nearby and ahhhh, I have to confess my new English love; TESCO!!!! Gosh, I wish I had Tesco in the neighbourhood. We bought food from there and ELLE magazine and of course NME – one of my must buy every time I’m in England. I miss London very much, I hope it is going to be a London trip next year, but I doubt about it.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


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bikbok leather shorts, zara cardigan, thrifted shirt, and topshop boots

Wow, it is almost a month since I posted something on the blog. Well, it for sure time for an update! My life has at the moment been crazy and such many things have happened lately. I can say now, that I hate snow. For couple of days ago, it was -15 Celsius outside! Yikes, and it is getting worse. Trust me, when it comes to Norwegian weather, it is getting colder than that. But Christmas is coming near, and since I’m living in Norway, we celebrate the Christmas Eve on 24th. Whopwhop, only 20 days to go!

I felt strongly for a change, and then I decided to chop 8 cm my hair off. Delightful I must say, ‘cause my hair was getting way too long and it was bored to have that way. I’m very pleased with the new haircut. It feels so different and as usual, I have hide away the fringe until it is getting longer.

Friday, 3 December 2010

vantage point vintage interview

What happens if one couple who shares a big love for vintage fashion? Well, that is where you get Vantage Point Vintage. VPV is a vintage online store founded by Jenny & Josh, who is not surprisingly enough married. The store is nearly three years old, but it has been a huge success for Jenny and Josh since they established the store in 2008.

Assumed from the word “Vantage”, the store gives vantage for vintage lovers to shop gorgeous pieces from different decades. I have to say, if I only had a credit card to shop online – I would for sure bought the lovely lace jacket underneath. To celebrate my 100th post, I was privileged enough to interview the fashion lovers behind VPV, and I can proudly that they have become my very first sponsor.

Tell us about “VantagePointVintage” and why you guys started it.
I’ve always loved to shop and have enjoyed wearing unique and eclectic outfits. My husband also is a vintage clothing lover, especially vintage t-shirts. In the beginning of 2008 he decided to start selling some old t-shirts online as a way to pay for new vintage finds and over the past 2.5 years VPV has evolved from our modest roots.

What are your favorite items in the store at the moment and how would you dress this up?
We have some really fabulous items in the store right now. The fall / winter season is one of my favorites to dress for. Our store is currently featuring several adorable sweaters and cardigans (my personal weakness) that are perfect to pair with boots, stockings and a mini dress, or your favorite pair of jeans. For men, we have several rockabilly flannel shirts, which I think is a great look for guys, especially when paired with a dark wash jean and pea coat or leather jacket.

Photobucket Photobucket

How do you and your husband choose the items to the store?
When choosing items for the VPV store, we look for vintage items in great condition, keeping in mind the current trends as well as classic looks. We are especially excited when we discover really unique items; giving our customers the opportunity to express their personal sense of style through a rare or unusual piece is an important goal.

The store consists of many clothes from different decades, what is your favorite decade?
There are really amazing clothes from every decade that have left a lasting impression on fashion. I appreciate the beauty of classic items from the 50’s and 60’s and think they make great wardrobe staples. I also really like to add a bit of “punch” to my outfits and enjoy mixing in statement pieces from the 70’s and 80’s when fashion was a bit more dramatic. For example, I love wearing a simple 60’s trench coat over my skinnies, pumps, and vintage blouse. Another look I love is layering a great 80’s blazer over a cute mini dress.

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Best of all, beside from the vantage, they ship for free worldwide! To check more go to their store and you can find VPV at twitter, ebay, myspace, facebook, and their blog.

Friday, 5 November 2010

whoop whoop


The flea market season is over for this year and here is the stuff I found after three flea markets last October. Nothing is like a good catch after hunting!

Monday, 1 November 2010

dark november

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thrifted cardigan, gina tricot shirt, monki tank top (underneath), h&m belt and topshop boots

Realized that it has been over one weeks since I post anything on the blog, so I think it’s time that type something on the blog before it gets overload of dust. I hope you guys had a fabulous weekend like I had? Pretty stressful, but great! Sad enough, I’m too old to wandering around the street. So instead of grinning over the few candies and the cold weather, I stayed inside with couple of friend and watched a horror movie.

It’s so weird the time is 5.45 and its dark like hell outside. But I like it ‘cause then I can stay inside covered with a blanket while listening to music. Right now, I just craving for Albanian tea.


Friday, 22 October 2010

hello snow

10-22-10 10-22-10
topshop coat and boots, cheap monday jeans, thrifted mittens(yep, they are in wrong way!)and zara bag

The first day with snow is always magical. Especially, when the first flakes comes at evening and you see the snowflakes in a twinkle light from the streetlamps. But after days with slippery roads and waiting for hours for the bus in the friggin cold Norwegian weather isa bummer! I hate snow after weeks, but then I always fall in love with snow again at Christmas Eve. With snow coming, means that I have to pack myself in mittens and wear year’s winter coat. Luckily, I found this gorgeous coat at Topshop-not shocking. It reminds me a lot of one I had when I was 5 years old, just only in red with missing buttons.

To celebrate the first snow (before I hate it), I have an especially offer for my cutiepies! The Urban Apparel, has been so kind that they are going to offer my readers 15% discount on everything until 30 November. Just write “Exclusive Discount” when you purchase!

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Friday, 15 October 2010

these boots are made for walking

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gina tricot shirt, zara pants and topshop boots
A little break from the London pictures. Looking over the pictures, make me missing London like crazy! Good, its Friday today. I’m going to spend the whole Saturday evening with my sweet friend, Tringa and drink Albaninan tee which I’m very addicted to! Let me represent you for my favorite shoes at the moment, black boots from Topshop. They costed me £65, but it was totally worth it! And trust me, you guys are going to see them a lot !


Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Saturday, 9 October 2010

honey, i'm home


With sadness, I have to say I’m home again. London was amaaaaaaaaaazing! What else? Now, i’m 4400 KR poorer and I bet that I have gained a couple of pounds after all those late night McDonalds meals and eating bags of Doritoes. But on the other side, I have new things to add in the closet and I got my hands on Elle UK with Alexa Chung as cover + weekly NME!. We didn’t do so much sightseeing this time, we decided to use the money on shopping rather than standing in line for hours and being stuck on places packed with people. Beside from shopping on Oxford Streets, we did visited Kensingston Park and Portobello Road market. Unfortunately, the days we were there was weekday so it wasn’t so much action. Half of the money I had with me was gone after few hours inside Topshop. It’s so many gorgeous things there! Omg, my body went all crazy and mouth went watering! I will show the things and more pictures from LDN later.

The hotel we stayed on was OK. At least it was better than the first hotel we stayed on last year. But the hotel had the world’s tiniest lift ever! It was at least 50 cm wide and 1 m long. But I survived, but not my sister..... Joking!I really envy you guys, who lives in England! You lucky bastards! England is such divine country to live. I have matter in fact thought of moving to LDN to study there, but I’m a little unsure because of money and such. But we’ll see what future brings.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

when london calls you

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vintage shirt, monki tank top, bikbok cardigan, smokey grey isadora nails and hunters wellies

Doing a very quick post before I’m heading to the airport with my sister. Took the picture above yesterday, because I predicted that I was going to have little time to blog this morning and this is exactly what I’m wearing this moment. I go for wearing black again.

oh, so unreal that in just few hours, I’m going to sit on a plane heading to London! I heart that city. But I’m ready, very ready. Read the weather rapport for the next days, seems like I have to wear wellies. Anyway, just want to thank you guys the travel well-wishes and the tips about London. I’ll be gone from Thursday to Friday and unfortunately, we are not bringing the computers with us, so it’s zero blogging while I’m in London. See you guys later, alligator!

Sunday, 3 October 2010

i'm a cookiemonster!


white chocolate chip cookies recipe

150 g butter
1 cup brown sugar
2 tablespoon milk
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 ½ cup flour
½ teaspoon baking soda
1 pinch with salt
150 g chopped white chocolate

Melt the butter while you preheat the oven on 150 degrees C and measuring all the dry ingredients. When the butter is cooled down, mix it with the brown sugar in a bowl and beat it for 2 minutes. Same time, add the egg, milk and the vanilla extract. At the end, put all the dry ingredients + the white chocolate in the bowl and mix it. Scoop the dough with two teaspoon and put into a baking sheet and it makes around 30 cookies if you use two teaspoon. Bake them for 5-10 minutes, it depends how soft you want them. Let them cool them aside for few minutes and then EAT them!

Friday, 1 October 2010

oh happy news

10-01-10 10-01-10
h&m divided sweater, f21 skirt and some old boots inherited from my sister

The autumn break has started. My body is ready for one week with no school and waking up 11 o’clock in the morning. Ah, it’ going to be heaven again with one week without boring classes and “hurry up to the bus stop” moments. Oh, heaven and oh, heaven, here I am. But like title says, I have happy news to share with you guys: I’M GOING TO LONDON with my sister in few days or in 4 days to be more exactly.

I’m so fuckin’ excited! I’m only going be there for 4 days, but however I can’t wait to drink Starbucks, eat Fish’n’chips , hear the lovely British accent again and most of all, going nuts with shopping! If you guys have any tips about vintage shops, where to eat, whatever. Please, please, don’t be shy with sharing it, ‘cause I’m really going to need it, even though I have been there once, but I really want to explore something more than just Oxford Street and typical London tourist places crowded with people.

Anyway, before I’m leaving, to my neighbor to join her in her sauna, I just want ask: “Are you bloody happy that I’m not wearing black now, Simen?” You see, he has nagged about that I should wear more colors than just black. I know many of you guys out there are tired of me wearing black. I guess it’s just an old habit that I can’t shake off. Sigh. But now I have to run: Have a great weekend/Autumn break, cutiepies!

Friday, 24 September 2010

black and lace

09-24-10 09-24-10
(yes, all black again)h&m divided blazer, borrowed lace top, only pants, smokey grey isadora nails and converse

I walked home in the rain from school. I love to get home all wet, then change my clothes and watch TV while being buried in blanket.

Saturday, 18 September 2010

please,please,please, let me get what i want

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vintage shirt, borrowed lace tank top, monki skirt and primark canvas

I have been a busy bee lately. Homework and car driving have taken my time these days. Sigh, I miss the summer days so bad! Oh, I have forgotten to mention that I have started to drive with my mom, which is pain in the ass. She always yelling at me and panicking all the friggin time! But however, I haven still killed a person on the road yet or an animal. So please guys, beware.

I’m so pleased with the things I bought from the flea market. I only paid 5 KR for this see through shirt, which is under a dollar or something. It was really lucky I found this, because an old lady was supposed to buy it, but she changed her opinion last minute. I’m, pleased, pleased, pleased as hell! Even though it’s a little big to me, I have an old habit to buy things that is too big to me.


Thursday, 9 September 2010

i heart flea market


I was supposed to post this last weekend, but had never bothered to make this post before now and. Yes, I LOVE flea markets. I'm definitely a flea market person. It’s something about it, the looking and the adrenalin kick by searching after the right thing – the treasure. Last weekend I was at Østre Halsen flea market, which is one of the biggest flea market in my county and is always happening in the first week in the September. So during the weekend I was a treasure hunter. I always came 30 min before it started and was desperately trying to be the first in the line. The clothes section was in a tent and during the two days of flea market, it was crazy hot. Just imagine how it was inside the tent with 40 other people. After looking in the clothes, section it was straight forward the book section + furniture section, but I didn’t buy anything. No point, because my room is too damn small to buy furniture and I have no place to put books. Sigh, can’t wait to move on my own. But I did found many old Nancy Drew with old classic Drew covers..


But I did bought a lot of clothes for sure! I bought 2 shirts which was a see through shirt and a silk shirt, a purse, an old h&m trench coat, a floral dress, an old skirt, a pair of mittens(not pictured) and see through top(not pictured). All these I got for whopping 135 KR! I’m still amazed by the numbers. On the first day, I only spent 15 KR on the shirts and the skirt, and on the second day, I used 120 KR on the rest of the stuff. The first day was pretty cheap, but the second day was damn pricy but, still cheap. Now all the clothes are washed and I have sewn all the missing button on the shirts and shorten the lenght of the skirt and the dress.


Monday, 6 September 2010

hello, monki


Received the Monki Autumn issue after joining the magazine-membership couple of days ago, and I must say- it was a genius idea to publish a magazine! I’m already taken by the magazine, even though I’m Monki blessed. The way they use the colours and how they mix drawing and the objects are so rad! It makes the editorials such an eyecandy and not boring to explore. For those who don’t know about Monki – Monki is a Swedish brand and much known for their special and divine style and unique stores. They have stores all over the Scandinavia and is a part of the H&M. And is, without hesitation, one of my favourites stores.



The design and everything it contained were marvellous and beyond. I couldn’t stop drooling over autumn collection. My favourites from the autumn collection were definitely the brown bowl hat and all the oversized knit sweaters. Can’t wait when the stuff hits to the stores and thank god it’s a Monki store just right by my sister apartment.