Thursday, 24 November 2011

super duper


everything is vintace except for the zara boots

I managed to take a quick outfit picture outside Sentrum Scene with my Soyamilk before Coldplay concert! I know I should had told you guys earlier but I was asked the day before the concert if I wanted to join my friend who was lucky enough to win two tickets! I’m still in shock that I managed to stand front row, and get a hug from Chris Martin! After standing outside in bloody two hours after the concert it was damn worth to get the autographs! Yeah, last night super duper cool.

Sorry for the awful picture. It was taken by my phone since i didnt bring alon my heavy SDLR along. I look horrible because I'm sick at the momemnt and I even managed to sneeze five times during "Viva la vida".

Thursday, 10 November 2011

foggy day


vintage floral dress and cardigan, florence and the machine tote bag and topshop boots

Oops, forgot that I have a blog to try to keep alive. I have been too tired after school to do some blogging and been working a lot lately since the store is filled with Christmas shoppers. I guess it is going to be a lot busier now when the time nears Christmas.


So now that I can actually drive, I took a small trip to Sliperiet – a place near where I used to dance (yeah, I used to dance before and I have no idea why I did it) with Marianne. And here is me trying to enjoy the foggy weather with the coldness that came along last Sunday.



Wednesday, 2 November 2011

florence and the machine

I'm seriously getting goosebumps by this awsome lady. Oh Florence, i fucking love you!