Sunday, 30 May 2010

i'm counting down


FUCK YEAH, my sister just ordered the Friday 13th tickets to the Øya festival! On that day, I’m finally going to see La Roux, Marina and The Diamonds and Robyn live! I was supposed to go a La Roux concert in March, but the stupid “you have to be 18 years old to enter” policy stopped me. That is why I love to festivals, ‘cause is not a stupid age-policy to enter and the atmosphere ofc.

I have been at Øya festival just once and that was my first trip to a festival ever. Ah, I remember like it was yesterday. Hehe, I remember Florence tit fell out and seeing Alex Turner in a leather jacket and his brown hair blowing on stage. THAT is an unforgettable memory. I only went there because of (not surprisingly enough) Arctic Monkeys, but I did see Glasvegas and Florence + the Machine too. But this year, I hope the festival is good like last year or even better. Ohboy ohboy, i can’t wait!

Thursday, 27 May 2010



levi's shorts and h&m tee

I didn’t wear this outfit to school today. Pretty much ‘cause we were out hiking today and white doesn’t quite work in the woods. It was actually very fun to go hiking with my class. We were wandering around the seaside called Nevlunghavn.

After walking few kilometers, we ended up at Mølen, where it’s a lot of stones after the ice age. I really regret that I didn’t bring the camera with me, ‘cause the place was truly beautiful. Even though, the place was full of rocks. Sometimes, I feel like a tourist in my hometown. I always discover something new about my hometown, after living here since I was born! Oh boy, I need to get out more.

Sunday, 23 May 2010

let's get lost in oslo

f21 high waisted shorts, h&m sheer top, bikbok shirt, and borrowed bianco canvas
Right after the class trip on Friday, I went straight to Oslo to visit my dearest sister. And every day now, have been beautiful weather accept for little rain in the morning. We have barbequed, ate a lot ice cream and enjoyed our sister moments. Since today was a gorgeous day, we decided to walk around the streets nearby the apartment to my sister. We ended up with walking to the river. Ah, what a gorgeous place to spend a sunny day on! I’m not very, very fond of Oslo, but when you get out of the city and to the “smaller” places like Nydalen, where my sister lives, you will fall in love right away for sure.



It was a lot of people nearby the river, busy with eating ice cream and talking to people. While we were busy with taking pictures of each other and talking. While we were sitting on one of the benches there, I saw one the world’s cuties dog ever! Omg, it was so adorable.

Do you guys remember the Steve Madden gladiator shoes I got from the states? Well, I have a BIG graze between my toe and the big toe. Since I didn’t brought any other shoes with me, I have to borrow shoes from my sister but that’s ok!

world's cutiest dog


i love you, sis

i love you, siss

Friday, 21 May 2010

i love my class

classtrip to the beach classtrip to the beach classtrip to the beach classtrip to the beach classtrip to the beach

classtrip to the beach
classtrip to the beach

Today, my class was supposed to participate the activity day we have once in a year, but we decided to skip the activity day and do something fun instead. After briefing about what we were going to do, we all decided to a beach near school, called Gon. We did this of course with permission of our teachers and they were with us. From 9 o’clock to 1 pm, we had Barbequed, played volleyball, and we sat on the grass and enjoyed the heat. I have never laughed so much during a volleyball match before. My wrist is still swollen and red after the game, but it’s definitely worth it. Talking about volleyball, I don’t know who was the winning team. LOL. oh, i also took my first bath of the year in the sea! It was too cold for me, in other words, it was bloody cold! I think im going to wait few weeks to next bath...

i love my class

i love my class

half of the class

The thought of that the class is going to split after summer, is a sad thought. Very sad. ‘Cause I have never enjoyed so much with a class. There is something with the atmosphere in this class that makes me comfortable and happy. It never passes a school day, where I’m not laughing or smiling. I’m really going to miss my class. I love my class. The best class ever.

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

lemonricotta pancakes with strawberries

lemonricotta pancakes with strawberrieslemonricotta pancakes with strawberrieslemonricotta pancakes with strawberries

On Saturday I made these delicious lemon ricotta pancakes with strawberries on top as breakfast to my sister. I wanted to make something special to my sister, so I woke a little bit earlier and made pancakes! It’s very rare that I make pancakes, especially as breakfast, ‘cause in Norway it’s not usual to eat pancakes as breakfast but more as dinner. But I would not protest if it could be more common to eat as breakfast, though! Actually, this was the first time I made ricottapancakes and I didn’t burn them! They were so fluffy and so yummy. They looked so perfect on the plate and so adorable, that I didn’t want to eat them. But still, they went down in my tummy.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

new shoes

new shoes
new shoes

A late post about the things i got from my mother when she was in the states early April. These adorable shoes are among the things i got from mama. My mama found the “kasidy” from Steve Madden I have been drooling lately and black converse shoes. Yes, I couldn’t stop myself to ask mama to buy another converse to me. Converse is the almost only thing I wear these days,’ cause I love converse and quite addicted. A little bit weird, but hey, women wear high heels, while I wear converse.

Friday, 14 May 2010

by the seaside

by the seaside

Every year it’s a fair in my hometown before 17.May. This year they located by the seaside, which is a terrific place ‘cause the view from there is breath taking. Two of my closest friends, Linh and Helene went there to spend some time together before Linh travels to Riga, the lucky bastard. Before entering the fair, we met some people from school and we joined them to play volleyball. Ehm, the game went a little bit bad because Linh and I couldn’t stop laughing and we joked all time. But luckily I wasn’t the person, who made the ball roll down to the water. but i must say, i fell love with the seaside. i will certaintly spend more time there in the summer.

by the seaside

by the seaside

by the seaside

I didn’t take any ride, though. Try to save the roll coaster feelings to 17. May instead, but I did bought candy floss like I usually do when I go to fairs. I never get tired of getting sugar overdose. Oh, what a happy feeling. and yes, i use glasses and i hate it.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010



I will be chasing your starlight
Until the end of my life
I dont know if
it’s worth it anymore

This song has been stuck in my head all day. Ah, I love to hear Matthew Bellamy voice over and over again (sorry, alex turner!). I could hear his voice to the endless time. Nothing special has happen since Monday. Wait a minute, today we got to know who came up in written exam and I didn’t come up! Neither did any of my classmates and the rest of study specialized classes or “studiespesialiserende” in Norwegian. I didn’t quite found the right word for it. It is so relief the thought of to not have a written exam ‘ cause if I came up I could come up in Math and I HATE math. So I cross my fingers that I will come up in oral exam and hopefully in English. I double cross my fingers for that.

Now I just want to enjoy Matt Bellamy's voice and the rest of the week ‘cause i have day off to Thuesday and on Monday its 17.mai. If you don’t know what 17.mai is, it’s the Norwegian national day. It’s almost like 4th July, just more joy in my opinion.

Monday, 10 May 2010

where's my miu miu?

05-09-10 05-09-10
05-09-10 05-09-10
nike sweater, h&m sheer top, h&m divided blazer and converse

The outfit is from Saturday, when I was going to visit my childhood friend, Diem Huong, who lives in Sandefjord. When I was in Sandefjord I was searching after a top from Gina Tricot, with bird print similar from Miu Miu spring collection 2010, but it broke my heart when I saw it was sold out. Oh, I really hope they have in their store in Oslo. If not, I have really good excuse to buy the dress from Zara with the cat print.I bet that you have seen it on many european blogger if you know which dressi'm talking about. No wonder, it’s so cute and not expensive either. I Hope.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Friday, 7 May 2010

a trip to the local junk foodshop and the park

05-06-10 05-06-10
h&m faux leather jacket, only trousers, f21oversized tee, glitter necklaces + sunglasses and primark canvas shoes

See, just for once I didn’t wear converse. It’s little bit hard when over 50% of your shoe collection consists of converse. I need some variation next time I buy shoes.LOL. In one of lessons on Wednesday, Linh started to babble about eating baked potato and every time I hear conversations about food, I get the thought stuck in my head for hours and make me whining after whatever food, which is one of my bad habits. Can you guess what I did in my long school break the next day? Eating baked potato with Linh. Congrats. Anyway, I did manage to take outfitpics in a small park near the old school, though.

L eating her baked potato

baked potato baked potato

The baked potato was yummy! Ah, it has been a while time since I ate baked potato and rare. This time I had corn with ham and cheese and a lot of sour cream while Linh had corn and chicken with sour cream. This will not be the last time, i'm going to return for sure ! Update: thank you linh, for being my saving angel; ) u rock on taking pics

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

snow in may and a late post

05-01-10 05-01-10
forever 21 maxi dress and bikbok shirt

After a tip from Lena, I threw the two maxi dresses in the washing machine in hope that the dresses would shrink. After few hours with patient and in excitement, the dresses had successfully shrunk! Now, I don’t need to sew at all. So if you have a long dress and you are too short, throw it in a washing machine and it will fit you perfectly. To celebrate the dresses shrunk, I wore my maxi dress on Saturday while wander around the house barefoot. I hadn’t have time to post it before now. Whops my bad, have been a little bit lazy with blogging.

Suddenly, while I had lessons today, it started to snow! In freaking May! Wow, and I thought snow in April was weird. Living in Norway with Scandinavian weather confuses me sometimes and makes me want to escape to sunny california. But now I have to end my daydreaming and return to my reading lessons because I have two tests tomorrow. Oh, this must be my lucky day.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

lilac sky

liliac sky

If you have read the blog since last Friday, you may know that I was in Oslo to visit my fav and my only sister last weekend. Every time I go to her bathroom, I admire her small collection of chanel nail polishes. But it was one particular colour, which caught my eyes, the liliac sky. Purple and a small dash of glitter, do I need to say more? After few minutes of desperately begging and whining, I got to paint my nails with heaven. Trust me, it’s a miracle that I even got to touch them. She is very protected when it comes to her nail polishes.

My sister got kind of addiction when it comes to Chanel nailpolish and buys every moment she has the opportunity. atm she is dying to find the mintgreen color, which came out in a limited edition a while ago. Even though I told her over dozens of times that she can buy essie or opi with the same color, but no, she want it in a chanel jar of course. To be honest, I'm not very fond of chanel polish, don’t get me wrong I love chanel. It’s just they have a habit to peel off only after three days and If I spend $19 / 210 KR each, I want to have something that last a little bit longer + With my budget I have to live with cheaper nail polishes, but still I want them all so badly!