Sunday, 14 March 2010

03-14-10 03-14-10
h&m divided leatherjacket + shirt, nike sweater, bikbok wannabe leather tights, primark tote bag

My hair is some cm shorter and my fringe is back! It’s little weird to have short hair again, but my fringe is some cm shorter than usual, so atm i'm trying to hide the fringe until it is some cm longer. Do you guys remember the dotted tights I bought in Sweden and that I managed to ruin the tights? Well, I found some new ones! I found one with hearts too, but I'm trying to save money to the garden collection and to øya festival tickets. so i left the store without the adorable heart tigths. I got so happy when I saw the stockings hanging there. Now I just have to wait to the damn snow is gone, so I can use them. Arg, I hate to live in Norway sometimes. Now i have to run, its karaoke time!


  1. love your outfit!

    thank you soo much!

  2. loving the leather look leggins (need a pair asap!) and your leather jacket lookls perfect layered :)

  3. that outfit is rad! i have the same leather jacket! love it to pieces!


  4. Designet på bloggen din er utrolig søtt. I like it. :)

  5. I want that H&M striped top so bad!