Monday, 30 May 2011

bloody math

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borrowed knit cable sweater, f21 skirt and topshop boots

I’m in middle of stressful month, so the blog hasn’t exactly been my first priority which I guess you guys have noticed. I’m having my last exam tomorrow and sadly I got drawn in Math, damn it. My brain isn’t that smart when it comes to numbers and rules. Now I’m working my ass off to hopefully score a good grade, but it’s soon summer vacation and I promise to blog more and often. Another reason why I haven’t blog much is because of blogspot. Is it just me or is blogspot just fucked up?

Before going on with the math, I have just listened to the new Arctic Monkeys album, where they have let their fans listen “Suck it and see” on their homepage before releasing their fourth album on 6th June. They getting better and better for each and every album they make – I love that band to death.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011



h&m leather jacket, bikbok lace dress and zara loafers

Here is a little peak of what I wore on May 17th (The National day of Norway).I started the day with walking parade with my classmates and then, I went straight to Sandefjord to spend rest of the day with my friend, Diem. After spending 6 hours wandering around in town in loafers, my feet are officially dead tired.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

and the winner of VPV giveway

Photobucket Ching! Congrats, you won the $25 giftcard from VPV! I have just sent you an e-mail and have a happy shopping! Thank for those who participated the VPV giveaway, and VPV, who was so kind to sponsor the prize.

Friday, 6 May 2011

it's friday and i'm happy

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I decided to stick with the same old fringe when I had my appointment with my hairdresser the other day - I guess fringe is only thing that I feel comfortable with. Now, my hair is freshly chopped and ready for 17th May and for the ARCTIC MONKEYS concert! No, you didn’t read it wrong; I am going to their concert tonight! Argh, I can’t still believe it, that finally my dream of going to an intimate concert with only Arctic Monkeys is being fulfilled!!!

As you have read earlier(if you have followed the blog lately) it was 18 age limit, but few days before today, they had arranged a venue for people who are under 18 and since it was such short notice and money was a problem, my friends gave offered the ticket and transport forth and back as a birthday gift! What an amazing gift, I will for sure never forget this upcoming night. So in short hours, I will be on my way to Oslo with my concert dude, Marianne!

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dad's old levis jacket, vintage sheer shirt, cheap monday shorts, vintage pure and topshop boots
And please stay tuned when I finally announced the winner of my give away. I was supposed to do this ages ago but because of internet problems at home (I’m at school atm) and mock exams, I haven’t time to announce the winner. I’m so sorry.