Friday, 30 July 2010

07-30-10gina tricot shirt, only selfcutted shorts, h&m belt and steve madden gladitors sandals(not pictured)

I’m off to Larvik for the weekend. Have a terrific weekend, cutiepies !

Saturday, 24 July 2010

in the capital o-s-l-o

walking around in oslo

Once again I have played tourist in Oslo. My friend Diem came all the way from Sandefjord to visit me in Oslo. After being in Oslo with no friends ,it’s get kinda boring and lonely. I’m was super happy when she said wanted to visit me even though, I was forced to wake up 8.30 AM on a Saturday morning to pick her up from bus station.

Trying my best to be a show the good side of the capital, we walked around in Majostuen and ended up laying down in Slottsparken to take a little break from it all before continue shopping. (beware of upcoming typical tourist pictures shots)

walking around in oslo

After taking loads of picture in front of the castle, we ate ice cream( I ate ice cream while she bought Vitaminwater) at Mövenpick ice cream bar, and I must say they have THE best picaschio ice cream E-V-E-R! If you really want to eat good quality ice cream in Oslo, pay a visit Mövenpick ice cream bar at Karl Johan.I was supposed to shoe Diem the Opera house, but somthin’ disrupted the upcoming sightseeing place. But the other side, I got one skirt from Monki for only 60 kr or €7.50/$9.50 and a Blackbook top from h&m, but sadly Diem had to leave extra early then we planned, but she has lighten up my weekend and waking up 8.30 AM was worthy hell!

walking around in oslo

walking around in oslo

Sunday, 18 July 2010

by the river again

07-18-10 07-18-10
zara striped sweater, cheap monday jeans and converse

I have worn this white converse which I bought in NYC last February, almost every single day. When I bought this pair, I was little skeptical on white shoes ‘cause every time I buy white things, clothing, whatever. I ALWAYS get this comment “you shouldn’t buy white, it’s going be dirty blablabla” from my sister or mama, but I’m very VERY happy I bought these pair. So far, they are only dirty on the tip of the shoes.

Currently i’m sitting on the bed with my computer in my lap and my sister by my side after little lunch by the river in Nydalen. It’s long time since I have been by the river. So taken by thought go out and eat little “lunch” today, we were off to the river. We grabbed cinnamon bun, roll with mozzarella, tomatoes, and pesto from the local cafe, "Kaffepiker". And surprisingly enough, I bough hot chocolate in middle of the summer ‘cause suddenly while standing in the café, I was craving for hot chocolate. Weird, huh? While we talked and enjoyed the sun, it started to blow and the little leftover cinnamon bun blew away and landed on the ground. Damn it.

by the river

by the river

by the river

As you might see, I have Teen Vogue best dressed of the day button on my blog! Ah, it was so weird to see on Teen Vogue page with picture of me. I must say, the day I got the email with the answer, I thought it was just another garbage email, but no. I got so surprised and the same time I jumped up and down.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

the result of playing tourist in oslo

new clothesclockwise from left: two monki tank top, zara sweater and gina tricot blouse

As the title says this is the result of playing tourist in Oslo are new clothes. After spending few weeks in Oslo, my brother took me sighting (+ shopping ofc) in Oslo and we walked for friggin 4 hours! We saw the castle, where the queen and the king of Norway live. On the top of the building, was a flag flagging, which I think means that the prime minister is on a visit or something. Plus, some of the soldiers had a little parade outside. And we weren't the only tourists in the town. As the summer is here, the town is full of tourists.

the castle


After the walking down to the famous Norwegian street, Karl Johan and dinner at TIGI FRIDAYS, we went down to the famous Opera building. Of all the times I have been in Oslo (and that is quite a lot) I have never seen or been at the Opera house. I must say, I adored the architecture and the color, white, fitted perfectly to the ocean. We walked and to the to , and the view was speechless. But it was one thing I could figure it out, they had a big sculpture of a ship few meters away the opera in the sea. Kinda weird, but I guess that it is just art. Now my legs are tired and crying for bed. cheers and have a great weekend!

opera in Bjørvika

opera in Bjørvika

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

my love's an iron ball


zara cardigan, h&m sheer tank top, bikbok highwaisted shorts and steve madden gladitor (not pictured)

Eclipse was incredible great movie! It knocked out New moon and Twilight. I felt like a giggled little girl during the movie, which I’m a little ashamed of ‘cause every time I watch Twilight I can’t help myself being a 14 year old again! Sadly, none of the scenes contained Robert halfway naked, but that’s ok ‘cause I got to see him sparkle. God, he is so hot when he sparkling.

I have an old habit to get addicted to the soundtracks of the twilight movies. I always notice the music in the movies first. They always pick the perfect song for the each of the scenes like the song was made exactly for that scene. When the first movie came out, I had spotlight and supermassive black holes stuck on my mind. And now, I have heavy in your arms by Florence + the machine(the title is from the lyrics) and my love by Sia on my mind. God, you have no idea how many times I have played these songs over and over again. Matter in fact I think im going to play the songs again while reading twilight;by dawn

Friday, 2 July 2010

06-28-10 06-28-10
arctic monekys concert tee, levi's shorts, h&m bag and converse

It’s so bloody hell hard to take the perfect outfit pictures in my sister’s apartment. Every single pictures I take, gets so dark wherever I’m standing. I have tried to fix the darkness in Photoshop and the moderation on the slr, but so far this it’s the best result. Sorry guys! Now I’m missing my bedroom in Larvik. A LOT!

Yay, I have finally started to work, but all the money goes to London-saving-trip-box. Sigh. I will try to update the blog more, but it’s so hard ‘cause the first thing I do when I get home is to go to my best friend in the world, the bed. Have I mention I’m going to watch Eclipse with my sistah tomorrow? No? I hope the movie is great as the book, but as long I see Robert Patts halfway naked, I’m pleased . And Oh, before I forget it like last time, I just want to say thank you guys for all the congratulation comments! You guys are truly beessst readers of all time!

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