Monday, 28 February 2011

an old camera and few highlights


5 things that have made my week marvellous:
01. Vacation, which means NO school, NO homework and NONE early mornings
02. Have been able to thrift (WOOPWOOP!)
03. Visited my sister in Oslo
04. Hang with my friends I haven’t been with in a very, very long time
05. Found this lovely camera from the 90s in my dad’s drawer

The winter holiday is over and I’m back on school again. Darn it. I could definitely need more time away from school. And it’s now, the serious shit has started – all the important tests and all the friggin exams. NOOOOO! My brain isn’t that smart enough to handle it! Anyway, I have so fallen in love with this old canon camera my dad had in the 90s. It just needs a new battery and film then it is good to go! But I wonder if is still possible to buy films to these kinds of cameras in the stores or on the internet. I really want to take pictures with it so bad!

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

den som leter skal finne

Photobucketden som leter skal finne//the one who looks, shall find- Fretex

Since it is winter holiday, I have pretty much dedicated part of this week to thrifting because most of the Goodwill’s are closed by the time I’m home from school, also at Saturdays (I have learned..)

Tuesday consisted of three good things: laughing, digging in clothes and eating junkfood! So yesterday, I and bunch of friends went to Tønsberg visiting the Salvation Army(named Fretex in Norway) I didn’t find much compared to my friends but I had a blast time anyway! Here is the result of three thrift-trips I have been so far this week. Nothing much but I’m very, very happy with the catch!

Edit** I almost forgot to mention that this neat girl has written a post about me! Thank you, for writing a post about me and your kind words!

Photobucketa cardigan from the Salvation Army, brouges from the local Goodwill store, and a beret from a thrift store in Porsgrunn

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

dressed for lunch


Photobucketgina tricot shirt, carlings cardigan, monki skirt+shoes (not pictured) and bianco backpack

What I wore while visiting Sandefjord last Saturday.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

lunch at jordbær pikene


The other day, my friend, Marianne and I went up to the neighbor town, Sandefjord. I was eager to see this goodwill shop I heard all about from friends. If it is something I absolutely love in this world, is goodwill for sure, and food of course. But unfortunately it is quite few in the town I live in and the shops are terrible. That is why I go all crazy when I hear good Goodwill shops. After sitting in the bus for 30 minutes, and walking on slippery roads to find the store, it was close.FML. Now I know the shop doesn’t opens at Saturdays.


Anyway, after few minutes with moaning and swearing, we went off to a café to please our hungry stomachs and the disappointment. “Jordbær pikene” has its location inside a shopping mall, so beside from eating, we can shop too- what a great combination! Like other restaurants and cafes on Saturdays, it was full with hungry people. So it took longer than usual to get our plates. But the waiting was definitely worth it when the first scoop went into my mouth. I ordered Cheeseburger with fries while Marianne went for Chicken burger with chorizo and potatoes with herbs. YUM! Gosh, I love burgers; I’m truly a junk food lover.




We had our plans to eat desert after, but our stomachs couldn’t handle food anymore, sadly.

Monday, 7 February 2011

a delayed post


bikbok sweater + shorts, vintage shirt collar and topshop boots

I was supposed to post during the weekend, but the stupid internet disappeared. After fixing the internet I’m back at top again! I have never felt so lonely without internet before last weekend. Right now, I’m catching up the last Thursday episode of Skins – gosh, I have missed that series. And I have seen the American version too; let us say that they will never be able to beat the UK gang. Of course, the first generation is still the best.