Wednesday, 15 June 2011

leaving for asia

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unknown brand dress, vintage loafers and purse

Have spent the last hours packing the suitcase and like usual, I always extend it to hours before leaving. I’m very unsure if I’m going to blog during the holiday, but I cross my fingers that I’ll get to update the blog. Otherwise, I’ll be back in Norway 1st July.

Both I and my tummy are ready to invade the Asian cousin and relaxing moments by the beach. And probably, both I and the suitcase likewise will gain extra pounds on the way home. See you guys later!

Monday, 13 June 2011

windy afternoon


Spent the whole Sunday afternoon with Diem, where we walked to a nice hill near her house in Sandefjord. Going for a small hiking with oxfords isn’t exactly a good idea at all. But spending one hour and half in sun was damn worth it, except for the windy weather which lead to several times with exposing of my panties. Haha! Thank god, no one where there.



I really like those days where you can just go to a place with a friend or so, and sit down and chill while time past. I’m so looking for these times in the summer, and now, since I’m leaving for Asia just in few, few days, I have squeezed much time as possible to friends, so my schedule is pretty full right now.

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bikbok top, monki skirt, vintage satchel and bicanco oxfords

And oh! I have been eyeing for a perfect pair of simple black oxfords and I found these ones from Bianco. They are so lovely, and I’m so pleased with these. Next one is definitely going to be a brown pair. Urghhh, I have hooked up with oxfords!

Friday, 10 June 2011

after the rain

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vintage floral dress used as skirt, h&m men tshirt and steven madden sandals

My stomach is still super stuffed after the lovely sushi date I had with my friends in the town. Helene offered me a free sushi meal as an early birthday gift, so I went little crazy with the sushi menu – I mean, c’mon it’s free sushi! Haha! It makes me sad that I’m not at home in Norway when I turn 18 in few days, but in friggin Asia. I do look forward to be back in Asia for the first time for 14 years, but I want to spend my birthday among my dearest friends in Norway so bad. Oh well.

I can’t still believe that in under a week, I will be 18 and not 17 anymore and finally, I can attend to concerts and drink legally and be in Singpore and Vietnam in the same process. I’m going to be three days in Singapore and then a week in Da Nang,Vietnam. So if you have any tips, feel free to share it! My sister has made a guide on what we’re going to do in Singapore, but I really want to do something more than those usual tourist shit. That reminds me that I have to start to pack my stuff. Fuck.

Friday, 3 June 2011

summer love

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bikbok floral dress, vintage purse and converse

I’m free at last! My summer holiday has started and the school is over, finito and ferdig! The weather now is delightful at this moment, just sun and slight of breeze, too bad that I have to spend the most of the day on work. Yes, I have got a job or part-time job but however, it’s such a relief not spending the whole summer in Oslo. Every summer in two years, I had to work in Oslo instead of my hometown, and now I can enjoy my last summer in Larvik before moving to Oslo for the Universe next year.

Now I’m off to work! Have a lovely Friday and weekend, cutiepies!