Thursday, 11 March 2010

03-11-10 03-11-10
only pants, bikbok shirt, h&m divided leatherjacket, and converse

I got the finally the chance to use the leatherjacket today. I love it, and I hope the damn snow will disappear soon. As soon as possible so I can use the jacket more often. The days have goon quickly and the days with exams and written examinations are near. I get nervous just by thinking about it. I hate exams, especially oral exams. I get so nervous and I hate to speak loud in front of unknown persons. The school days, have been full with tests, homework and lectures. Every moment I have time, I spending on watching skins on YouTube. Hehe.

So much is coming up this weekend. Two persons have birthday, I’m going to Sandefjord to meet a friend of mine, who i haven’t seen in ages, and cut my hair on Saturday. On Sunday i’ll visit a friend+ homework. Can’t wait to have my fringe again. My forehead feel so naked without the fringe. btw, thank for you guys, who have comment on blog lately. it makes me so happy and motivates me alot!


  1. Fun to read your blog Luu! You`ve got to help mw with mine sometime! ;D

  2. wow, impressed that you took your time to read my blog. ofc,simen ;)

  3. Thanks so much for your comments and support on my blog! I love your style : )

    There's so much snow where you are!

    xo - Kate

  4. oh and I'm actually sooo jealous of your snow!
    NEVER snows here :(

  5. plaid shirts are the best!
    loving your leather jacket, awesome cut!
    lucy x

  6. Helene "Tha mastah"12 March 2010 at 09:26

    Haha, "my forehead feel so naked without my fringe".
    Great comment xD

  7. mr. kate: wow, nothin to thank for. your blog is amazing. hehe, the snow is typical norway ;)

    that girl lucy: thank you :) hehe, nothin being jeolous on, i more jealous on your sun!

  8. tusen takk Luu :) fint outfit, det samme med bloggen din!