Saturday, 30 April 2011

the last bits of april

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vintage shirt, levis shorts and zara brouges

The last day of April started with year’s first flea market and finally, I could wear shorts(without stockings!!) outside in the sun. The flea market was okey I guess – the selection was badly since it was apparently the last day of the two-day flea market. But I and Hanna left with a bag full of clothes, which only two items were mine. So on, we went to a park near to sit down and chatting about our last happenings in our lives. I can’t wait when summer time starts and the holiday as well – I love this kind of park life! And I’m going to eat my mama’s Bánh xèo before going off to a birthday party! Have a lovely evening and have fun on the last day of April!


Friday, 22 April 2011

spring time

Photobucket Photobucketvintage cardigan, levis shorts, gina tricot shirt, vintage briefcase and zara brouges

It is spring break and I’m enjoying to the fullest. Since I have finally the time, I have been all over places and seeing my friends. The week has been so good, and I have finally purchased my tickets to the Slottsfjell Festival to heal my wounds for not attending the Arctic Monkeys concert in May. This will be my first time I camp (related with festivals of course). I can’t simply wait for the summer to start, even though it already feels like summer.

Urgh, I really need a haircut. My hair is such a mess, but I really don’t what kind of hairdo I should pick. I have been thinking about doing this style only in short version or maybe I should stick with fringe?

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

when you scream too much

Photobucket Photobucket zara cardigan, vintage blouse, monki skirt, h&m hat and vintage loafers

My voice has never been hoarse after a concert, but that was before I was on a Kaizers Orchestra concert. Argh, shouldn’t had screamed so much, but it was impossible to resist. The concert was beyond of what I expected, it was AMAZING! They are so brilliant live, and even better than the CDs. Actually, I think I’m going to see them live again as I have finally chosen which festival I’m going to attend. And the choice came on the Slottsfjell Festival – all the three days and now, my summer is completely perfect! Now as the Kaizers Orchestra is over, I’m ready for spring break!

For the first time in my life, I have bought a hat! I have always been skeptical to hats even though I have adored hats, but I guess it is because I haven’t find the “right” one. I think this one is going to stay in the closet forever and I’m going to wear it non-stop.

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Saturday, 9 April 2011

ready for kaizers

PhotobucketThe best thing about IKEA’s, is their cheap ice cream and the Swedish meatballs! LOL! Today, I have been at IKEA to help my sister to buy some stuff to her new apartment in Oslo. But right now, I’m quite ready for the Kaizers Orchestra concert tonight! And for once, it is a concert without 18 age limit! WOOPWOOP! I really looking forward to their concert, especially when they are one the few Norwegian bands I adore and they actually sing in Norwegian – pretty awesome or huh? But right now I have to run, have a fabulous Saturday!

Thursday, 7 April 2011

a cheesy night


I’m not a cheese person at all, or alright I am whenever Brie is in the picture. But I have never quite understood the idea of eating smelly and old cheese and so far, my palate can only handle Brie. However, last Friday, my friend, Hanna, invited me to a cheese night. Urgh, my stomach has never been so full of cheese before. Her mom made lovely homemade buns which go so well with butter and slices of the Norwegian cheese, Brunost – delicious! ^-^


Photobucket And guess what! ARCTIC MONKEYS IS COMING TO FRIGGIN NORWAY THIS MAY! I can’t believe it and they haven’t been in Norway since their concert in 2007(not counting with the festivals they have been) + they are releasing a new album in the same month. But wait for it…. It is fuckin’ 18 age limit on the concert. FML! And the concert is a month before I’m turning 18 years old. Argh, those friggin age limit are literally killing me! Oh well, it is always a next time – I hope…