Sunday, 29 August 2010

colourful for once



08-26-10selfmade dress, zara cardigan and hunter wellies

An outfit i wore for couple days ago before going to Henriette’s goodbye party. It’s very rare I use dress, especially short like this, because I have horrible scars on my legs that I don’t like to show off. But finding this old dress in my closet I made for my birthday last year, I knew I just had to wear it that day. Just for once in a long time, I’m not wearing anything black or dark clothes. It’s a habit I guess.

Haha, I remember when I showed my mom my dress while wearing for the first time, and asked about her opinion about the dress. Do you know what she said? She said “it’s showing your boobs” in a cruel way. It is sooooo typical my mom saying that or does dress show my boobs a little?

Thursday, 26 August 2010

featured on dagensoutfit


I just got picked on DagensOutfit as "dagens outfit", which simply means "todays outfit" in English. The people behind the blog picks the "todays outfit". It is pretty much almost the same as Teenvogue does, but just in their own way. I love this site, I browse through every day to find new hidden fashionistas and get a dose of inspiration. Thank you for being featured, DagensOutfit!

Sunday, 22 August 2010



For couple of months ago, I saw my dad wearing old Levi’s jeans which caught my eyes. I knew right away that they were perfect to cut to shorts. And in whole two months, I begged to have them but he always said no ‘cause he knew which plans I had for his jeans. Then I decided to try one more time before giving up –after seeing the picture above you can guess what he answered. His old jeans are now my shorts and I’m so H-A-P-P-Y! They are little bit big around my thighs, but I give damn right now.

And oh, the beautiful and little big briefcase above is from a flea market I went with my neighbour yesterday. Can you guess how much it cost me? Only 20 KR//$3.25!!! Pretty cheap or what? Anyway, these purchases + the sunny weekend made me super happy mood right now.

08-21-10 08-21-10h&m divided blazer, gina tricot shirt, Levi's 951 cut off's, vintage breifcase and converse

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

before the summer ends

08-17-10 08-17-10
f21 maxi dress worn as a skirt, monki tank top and h&m belt

This summer has gone incredible fast, waaaaaaaay too fast. Well, late nights and waking up 11 o’clock every day seems to be over for this moment. Now it’s going to be early mornings and 6 hours school days. Damn, the school starts tomorrow. Can’t simply wait (ironic if you could'n see that). At least, I get the chance to see my friends again, after being stuck in Oslo for the whole summer. Oh, I think I forgot to tell you guys I’m back at home again in Larvik. It’s great to sleep in my own bed again after sharing the bed with a big ass sister for friggin two months(no offence, but you do have kinda have a big butt). Anyway, have you guys heard the hottie Alex Turner has returned to his buddy, Mr. Hottie no. 2, Miles Kane and reunited The Last Shadow Puppets? Ooooh, I really hope they come to Norway once. It would be sooo rad if I could see them live once. I cross my fingers! Or i should double cross my fingers, it's friggin Norway we are talking about.

Saturday, 14 August 2010

one year, 18 hours and 50 min, since i saw alex turner live


Last night was truly amazing! I was supposed to bring my sister with me, but something showed up. So instead of my sister, Hanna came instead. That morning it started to rain a lot. It didn’t rain for an hour or so, but literally for hours. So of course I packed myself with warm and thick clothes, and wore wellies because I knew it was going to be muddy. Neither did I brought my SLR, ‘cause I heard some rumours before that it wasn’t allowed to bring SLR in to the festival. Just right before we were entering the festival, the sun decided to show up. GOD DAMN IT! And while wandering around, I noticed several people with SLR around their neck. I didn’t have a digital camera either, so the result was bad mobile pictures. Beside from bad choice with clothes and horrible equality pictures, the line up was magnificent! I saw Susanne Sundfør, my favourite: Marina and the Diamonds, La Roux and Robyn.

Gosh, I have never danced so much during a concert before and Robyn was truly one of the best live I have ever seen and that lady can dance! She made my ass shake for sure!. Marina and diamonds didn’t last so much, I think she had trouble with her voice, since she repeated said “I’m starting to lose my voice etc.” Except for the short concert, I loved her stage appearance with rad round sunglasses and awesome “costumes”. La Roux was OK, I was surprised how good she sounded live, ‘cause I have always had in my mind she has a suckie voice live.

The end of the day, my voice got so sore after singing along so much and all that screaming. I had a great time, though, especially when I had Hanna along, but I’m so mad at myself for not bringing along my camera. Haha, poor Hanna, she forgot to bring wellies, so you can imagine how muddy she got after a day.

Sunday, 8 August 2010

sometimes, rain isn't a killjoy



08-08-10(I wore this with a jacket outside of course): h&m sheer tank top, belt(yes, again)+ knee high socks, monki skirt and hunter wellies

Hi cutiepies! Sorry for my absent (like always). My computer has been in Larvik while I returned to Oslo, but now it is back in my lap again. The weekend in Larvik was great combined with good homemade Vietnamese food and of course, suuuuuun. Geezz, I hate when it rains in middle of the summer. I guess one of the good sides of rains, are that I get to use my hunter wellies.

While I was there, I had the opportunity to go to my hairdresser.So here I am with a new haircut or nahh, it is not a really a big change, though. Same old haircut just a little bit shorter and the summer ruined parts are chopped off. But the fringe I have been missing, is backkk on my forhead! Just not atm, ‘because I like to hideaway my fringe until it’s longer.