Thursday, 29 April 2010


f21 maxi dress  f21 maxi dress

My mom has been in sunny California and since I couldn’t join the trip because of school, she brought home with a bag full with clothes from one of my favs stores, F21! To be honest, I sent her away with a paper full with pics of the things I wanted from the store or told differently, she became my personal shopper in the us. lol.

Among the stuff in the bag, I got two maxi dresses in black and grey. I have drooled on them since I first noticed them on F21 homepage. I love maxi dresses but I noticed after trying them on that I need to sew a little bit because it is too long on me. Now I just have to wait to weather get warmer and sunnier. Ah, can’t wait! I will show the rest of the stuff I got from the states later!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

thank you, dad

04-27-10 04-27-10
forever 21 pencil skirt, jc cardigan+sweater, lindex dotted tights and converse

Every moment I want to take outfitpictures outside, I always struggle to find someone but it always ends Linh or my sister, Huong, taking them. There are moments now and then that neither of them is around and when it happens I always think; “What shall I do?” Well, I have found the finally solution, my dad. lol. I’m trying to teach him how to use my Canon SLR, and he is quite good I must say. But I feel poor for him, but yeah yeah, he have something to do now beside sitting in the coach all day long. lol.

Today haven’t been so good day. I got my math mock examination back today and it tells by itself. Now, I’m just nervous about my English mock examination. I really hope and praying that I’m getting a better grade then the math. Now, I’m going to find some cake or whatever as long it contains sugar, to comfort myself. I need seriously to stop dope myself with sugar, especially after a weekend with sugar, sugar and tacos. The result is the big stomach as you see in the photos.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

the bakery

baker hansen
"i can resist everything except temptation" - oscar wilde
Yesterday, I went to Oslo to visit my sister after being done with the English mock exam. To celebrate finishing the entire mock exam, I and my sister, Huong went to a local bakery called Baker Hansen. I can say I really drooled by the counter while watching all the cakes they had. YUM! After few minutes thinking what i’m going to pick, I picked cheesecake and my sister picked cream cake or layer cake or whatever.

layer cake cheesecake
eating cheesecake eating layer cake

Since the bakery was so stuffed with people and the opportunity to save 20 kr, we went home to eat the cakes outside the proch. Mmm, the cake was delicious! It had the sense of the lemon taste and the taste of wasn’t so powerful as cheesecakes usual have. I think i’m going to gain few pounds after being in Oslo and by the way, the clothes thing wasn't supposed to be in the backgound. lol.

Thursday, 22 April 2010


eating ice cream with M

After only being on school 2 hours, Marianne and I went to a cute café called Kaffebrenneriet, to have some ice cream. They didn’t have soft ice cream at the moment I was crying for one, so I chose the Italian ice cream, gelato, instead. I picked pistachio and a dark chocolate, and Marianne had dark chocolate and vanilla. They had some rare Italian names that I can’t seem to remember, but the ice cream was for sure one of the best ice cream I have ever tasted!

pistachio and chocolate chocolate and vanilla(?)

We sat outside with our ice cream cups an enjoyed the sunny weather and this was actually this was the second time I ate ice cream from a shop this year. I have always thought ice cream eating as a sign that is almost summer/spring. Don’t you? Living in Norway my favourite flavors are pistachio and the old familiar, vanilla. Every time I get the chance to buy ice cream at Basket Robbins, I always take coconut ice cream. mmm, I miss it. yes, i have done some changes with the blog. What do you think? but now i have to return to my preperation to english mock exam im going to have tomorrow. wish me good luck!

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

reading the host

reading the host reading the host

The math mock exam is done and the English mock exam is around the corner. Three more days, to be more exact. the math mock exam didn’t went so well as I expected. I read the whole weekend and all Monday. But when I had the tasks in front of me, I got totally blackout. Although, I did managed do some of the tasks. Oh well, lets us hope for the best. Do you see how the bed is a mess? it's because i have to walk back and forward between each picture. it drives me nuts.

i'm reading the host in english, to prepare myself to english mock exam. I have only come half trough the book. Have any of you guys read the book? I have read the book in Norwegian before. However, after my experience, the english versions are always better then Norwegian and thicker of course. I don’t usually read science fiction books, but as long it contains love – I’m reading it! Yes, I have passion for romance books. No romance, no reading. oh wait, except for Agatha Christie crims.

Sunday, 18 April 2010

spring perfection

alexandra022 alexandra012

floral dress and leather jacket is perfect combo for a spring outfit. there is something about danish girls. their style is perfect


Saturday, 17 April 2010


tank top & cross necklace tank top & cross necklace

Silje and I went to Hvaltorvet in Sandefjord to do a normal girl activity, shopping. Shocked? I normally go to Sandefjord when when I want to see a little bit “more” and I haven’t had time to take the bus to Tønsberg or Oslo. My hometown is not exactly the best place to shop, unfortunately. Oh, I was supposed to go to Oslo this weekend to visit my sister, but I had to cancel it because of preparation to Math examination. Arg, school is truly a killjoy.

I didn’t buy much. However, I did see lot things I wanted to buy, but I have to keep my fingers away from the wallet for a while, but I needed some school things to the examinations. good exuse to shop, right? I ended up with buying a basic tank top from h&m, a cross necklace from glitter and some school stuff. I have noticed that I have love for basic t-shirts. No wonder, they fit everything at the moment. Now, I need the summer to come.

what is your fav basic clothing in your wardrobe?

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

my lips are addicted

I have one addiction beside my converse shoes, lip balm. I’m addicted to my lip balm 24/7. I always carry one of my five lip balm wherever I am. They all are around the house: My jacket pockets, in several drawers and I even found one under my bed! They are basically everywhere! Clockwise from the left:

- Carmex. I tried one in a jar when I was in San Francisco and got shocked when I found out they were hanging there in the our supermarket in Norway. In my opinion, carmex are ok. They have their moments where they work and moments where they not working.
- Mentholatum. This is one I got from a friend as a Christmas gift and it is bought from a drugstore. This is the closest perfect lip balm I ever tried and I love the peppermint smell.
- Nivea. I only use this one in the summer and spring time. Because it is the only thing that I know whom got a high sun protection.
- Savex. I haven’t used this one as often I use Mentholatum, but I have used it sometimes. It’s ok, but it is not better than Mentholatum.
- Rosebud Salve. I got this one from Sephora when I was in NYC. I love the colour of my lips, when I have this on. They give the soft pink color and soften my lips. I use the Rosebud Salve as lip-gloss, I will say they are better than lip-gloss.

Do you have any recommends on a good lip balm?

Sunday, 11 April 2010

the weekend report

I and linh 04-11-10
h&m striped divided shirt + blazer, only selfcutted shorts, h&m highknees socks, primark canvas shoes and glitter sunglasses

just got home afterbeing with my friend, Linh who lives just few blocks away. I was forced by Linh to go walk around the neighborhood and I’m happy that I said yes. ‘Cause the weather now has been so nice and sunny! That is why you see me in shorts. I was little bit afraid that my judgment of the heat was wrong, but I had right after all and I didn’t froze to death. It was good to walk around with shorts. It reminds me about the nice weather in Oslo while I worked there. Me and linh walked here and there while talking about future and took some picture of ourselves by forcing her nephew to take the pics of us. I had my camera with my of course, but the battery died after taking some few pics! So we had to use Linh’s telephone.

I have been overload with homework these last days. In one day I finished my rapport on a experiment, a presentation about the sun, and a presentation about William Shakespeare. Seriously, homework kills me. I’m fed up with homework and the damn midterm test and exam are near! My weekend so far have been consisting with cards playing with siss, chocolate eating, homework, homework, and not surprising enough, homework. Yes, that is a typical life of a dying student. Now, I have to return to write an essay. arg,I hate school.

the hills
the hills

Friday, 9 April 2010

sunny friday

04-09-10 04-09-10
random shop in NYC i heart ny tshirt, forever 21 skirt, lindex dotted stockings and converse

I’m sitting on my bed with my computer in my lap and trying to find facts about William Shakespeare to a presentation. While trying to find some cloth to wear to school today, I found my long lost I heart NY tshirt in my closet that I haven’t used in ages and the sun just showed up today, I decided to wear with skirt and black tights. If the weather was a little warmer, I would definitely used my lovely dotted tights, but the weather outside is still chilly. So instead of using at school, I used it at home. Darn Norwegian weather.

It’s good to have the fringe back. The fringe is not “right”, though. But I’m very glad it is back and covering my forehead. Have your guys any good tips on how to cut the fringe a little bit shorter if it is needed? arg, I just get nervous by thinking that I must cut the fringe short by myself. I could of course go to a hairdresser, but I have to save money. Last time I asked my sister if she could, it became a disaster! I know for sure, who shouldn’t touch my hair with a scissor.

At the end, I just want to thank your guys who commented on my headache moment. It disappeared after few cups with lemon tea. The get well comments cheered me up and made my day a little bit better.

Five thoughts that make me happy:
01. My lovely sister is coming home from oslo for a visit.
02. It’s not raining anymore. The sun is freaking shining!
03. The weekend has arrived. Finally no more early days and boring classes. for a while.
04. I’m home alone. You know what that mean. Right?
05. The wombats. I have rediscovered the wombats. They always make my ass move. Always.

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Tuesday, 6 April 2010

alex turner, please take my headache away

my headache medicine

Today has been a bad day. Can you guess why? No?
01. Not surprising enough, it has started to rain again.
02. The weather gods hate me
03. Just found out that I have loads of tests and hand ins next week
04. I have to perform a play, and I HATE to perform in front of people
05. The bus, which drives to almost my house, didn’t show up
06. The spring break is over
07. I have a headache, which is a pain in the ass
08. I didn’t get any sleep last night

I have a terrible headache and my head is spinning around. I bet that the headache is because I didn’t sleep last night.Ah, lets us hope that after few pages with the host and arctic monkeys cd will kill the pain. Btw, the host is an enligsh book I’m reading and it is heavy like a brick and thick as my head. Ok, that was little bit overdo, but it is for sure heavy like a brick and thick. very thick.

Monday, 5 April 2010

let the sun beam

04-04-10 04-04-10
bikbok shirt, h&m oversized tshirt, gap tights, only selfcutted shorts, borrowed necklace and converse

Yes, its sun you see in the background and yes, my fringe is back. But most of all, ITS NOT RAINING ANYMORE! Hallelujah. THANK YOU weather god, thank you. Am I happy? HELL YEAH! You can guess how tired I am after days after days with rain and rain. Gah, I’m tired of the grey weather. It looks like the weather gods don’t hate me or Norway anymore. Too bad the great weather started now, when it’s only one day left of the spring break. Oh well. I guess i have to cross my fingers that the beautiful weather stays in our town for a little longer. The last two days, the sun has shine and i have enjoyed every minute of it. I have gone for a walk with my dearest brother in the woods and enjoyed the view from the hills, visit some good friends of mine and not at least, watched a Miss Marple movie. Oh Agatha Christie, I love your creations.

Mention fringe, i have decided the length of the fringe is perfect to be shown to the audience. Haha, it only took one month to grow to the length I wanted to have. Have your guys notice the last few post i have worn shorts with tights? Well, i noticed that after seeing only shorts and tights at the last couple of the outfit pictures. It looks like i have been bitten of the “shorts in tights” mania. But i have to disappoint your guys with “shorts and tights” outfit again. Sorry. But i’m promise to have some variation with my outfits.

Friday, 2 April 2010

spring rain

04-01-10 04-01-10
h&m leather jacket+ tights, h&m borrowed belt, sweater from my brothers closet, forever 21 high waisted shorts, hunter wellingtons and glitter feather necklace

Just got home from walking around the streets in our neighborhood with my sister. As my sister says, I needed to move my ass besides lying in the sofa all day long. So I did. It felt quite good to have some fresh air, and it rained as I predicted. Again. So instead of being pissed at the dearest weather gods, I started to jump and splash in the puddles. Hmf, it reminds me being three-year old again. God, I miss those times. The weather is not getting better, it seemed like it getting worse then better. It has rain every day now, and the grey weather is covering the sun away. Yesterday in oslo, where my sister lives, it started to SNOW. IN FREAKING APRIL! Sigh, I have given up, weather gods. Oh well, I hope for an early and warm summer instead of spring.

I know I’m wearing shorts in tights while it rains, but although it rains it is quite chilly outside and not freezing cold. With shorts I decided to use a warm knitted sweater I have stolen from my brother closet, which is one size too big to me, and a necklace I have just bought from a couple of days ago. yes, i didn't use makeup today, thats why i look like a troll. I love to use my hunter wellingtons and I try to use them so often I can. however, i dont like when it rains EVERY FREAKING DAY. The wellingtons look better after I smeared them on with shoe polish. Now they have the lovely red color instead of white marks they usually get after a day in rain.

04-01-10 04-01-10