Friday, 5 March 2010



The winter holiday is over and I’m in middle of a new week. It’s a little bit weird to be home again. My body and my mind are so used to follow after the American time, even though I was only there for a couple of days. I had a blast time over there, and it was good feeling to be with my sister again. I love to travel around the world with her and I really miss it.

I miss the American food so much! I ate pretty much bagel with cream cheese and fruit beside to breakfast almost every day and to dinner we brought either food from the deli or the Chinese restaurant across the street. We ate on a restaurant just once, on Friday’s where I tasted New York Stake for the first time. I was so full that I couldn’t order cheese cake to desert and even brought left overs home. Me and my sister shopped clothes almost every day. Shopping was a popular activity we did, when we were there. I got to shop in shop one of my favorites stores in America, F21. We even took a bus to Woodbury Common Premium Outlets, which is an outlet town. Shopping was not the only thing we did while we were there. I got to experience to be on the top of Empire State building, and to walk through China Town, SoHo, Little Italy and New York’s beautiful streets. I will give everything to be back in New York, but I think I fit better in London then New York. Maybe I should travel to London next time?

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