Friday, 24 December 2010

god jul

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h&m dress and zara loafers
Merry christmas and happy holidays!

Thursday, 16 December 2010

occupying london #3


I can barely remember what I did in London. It has been over two months since I were there, and I know you guys must be tires of my London pictures, but I swear it’s the last London post I ever do this year. The last day we were there, was on a Thursday – very bad day if you are going to visit Portobello Road and your main focus is the flea market because it is never flea market on a Thursday. FML T_T However, I got to taste my first cupcake from the bakery, Hummingbird which was the BEST cupcake ever. Yumyum, heavenly taste of a red velvet cupcake. Later that day, we decided to have a small picnic in a park nearby and ahhhh, I have to confess my new English love; TESCO!!!! Gosh, I wish I had Tesco in the neighbourhood. We bought food from there and ELLE magazine and of course NME – one of my must buy every time I’m in England. I miss London very much, I hope it is going to be a London trip next year, but I doubt about it.

Saturday, 4 December 2010


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bikbok leather shorts, zara cardigan, thrifted shirt, and topshop boots

Wow, it is almost a month since I posted something on the blog. Well, it for sure time for an update! My life has at the moment been crazy and such many things have happened lately. I can say now, that I hate snow. For couple of days ago, it was -15 Celsius outside! Yikes, and it is getting worse. Trust me, when it comes to Norwegian weather, it is getting colder than that. But Christmas is coming near, and since I’m living in Norway, we celebrate the Christmas Eve on 24th. Whopwhop, only 20 days to go!

I felt strongly for a change, and then I decided to chop 8 cm my hair off. Delightful I must say, ‘cause my hair was getting way too long and it was bored to have that way. I’m very pleased with the new haircut. It feels so different and as usual, I have hide away the fringe until it is getting longer.

Friday, 3 December 2010

vantage point vintage interview

What happens if one couple who shares a big love for vintage fashion? Well, that is where you get Vantage Point Vintage. VPV is a vintage online store founded by Jenny & Josh, who is not surprisingly enough married. The store is nearly three years old, but it has been a huge success for Jenny and Josh since they established the store in 2008.

Assumed from the word “Vantage”, the store gives vantage for vintage lovers to shop gorgeous pieces from different decades. I have to say, if I only had a credit card to shop online – I would for sure bought the lovely lace jacket underneath. To celebrate my 100th post, I was privileged enough to interview the fashion lovers behind VPV, and I can proudly that they have become my very first sponsor.

Tell us about “VantagePointVintage” and why you guys started it.
I’ve always loved to shop and have enjoyed wearing unique and eclectic outfits. My husband also is a vintage clothing lover, especially vintage t-shirts. In the beginning of 2008 he decided to start selling some old t-shirts online as a way to pay for new vintage finds and over the past 2.5 years VPV has evolved from our modest roots.

What are your favorite items in the store at the moment and how would you dress this up?
We have some really fabulous items in the store right now. The fall / winter season is one of my favorites to dress for. Our store is currently featuring several adorable sweaters and cardigans (my personal weakness) that are perfect to pair with boots, stockings and a mini dress, or your favorite pair of jeans. For men, we have several rockabilly flannel shirts, which I think is a great look for guys, especially when paired with a dark wash jean and pea coat or leather jacket.

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How do you and your husband choose the items to the store?
When choosing items for the VPV store, we look for vintage items in great condition, keeping in mind the current trends as well as classic looks. We are especially excited when we discover really unique items; giving our customers the opportunity to express their personal sense of style through a rare or unusual piece is an important goal.

The store consists of many clothes from different decades, what is your favorite decade?
There are really amazing clothes from every decade that have left a lasting impression on fashion. I appreciate the beauty of classic items from the 50’s and 60’s and think they make great wardrobe staples. I also really like to add a bit of “punch” to my outfits and enjoy mixing in statement pieces from the 70’s and 80’s when fashion was a bit more dramatic. For example, I love wearing a simple 60’s trench coat over my skinnies, pumps, and vintage blouse. Another look I love is layering a great 80’s blazer over a cute mini dress.

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Best of all, beside from the vantage, they ship for free worldwide! To check more go to their store and you can find VPV at twitter, ebay, myspace, facebook, and their blog.