Sunday, 7 February 2010


The weekend has gone away so fast! My weekend began with a visit to my friend, Tringa and we celebrated her birthday, which was a long time ago but I didn't have the time to pay her a visit until now. We ate all night and talked for hours! I tasted for the first time food from Kosovo and I got really addicted to their tea. I can assure you that my stomach became very stuffed that night.

What else have happened ? On Saturday I took the finally time to buy my first camera ever. I'm really pleased with my Canon EOS 1000d even though I really wanted a Canon EOS 450d but because of my economic problems, I had to buy my current camera. As you guys can see, I haven't post any pictures yet on the blog. I discover some problemes with downloading the CD's, which came with the camera. Unfortunatly, I can't solve the problems until Monday. ARGH, I was really looking for posting my pictures! Instead of posting pictures this time, I have posted one song I have on my mind all the time,

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