Saturday, 13 February 2010


The trip to Sweden was fun! We drove to Sweden and took the Moss ferry instead of the Strømstad ferry, it was a fun anyway. We heard on Michael Jackson songs and sang along, but mostly the time we slept because we were tired and we had waked up early. We spent all day at Nordbyen mall, my feet became so sore. GAH, shouldn’t have use my new converse. I didn’t buy a lot, but I did bought the thing I was looking after. Tights with dots. I have been whining for them for a long time and i eat junk food all day. ribs with baguette, candy, coda, McDonalds etc

When you are in Sweden, you can’t leave without kilos with candy and Capri Sone. So is not suprising enough that I’m telling you guys that I bought almost 1 kg with candy and 4 boxes with Capri Sone. I took a lot pictures during the trip. I will post its later, but now I’m going to stuff my stomach with candy and watch Criminal minds.

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