Friday, 12 February 2010


Last Thursday I went to the yarnshop in down town, and I decided to buy some yarn to knit some white socks so I can use to spring with my converse shoes. Since then I have been obsessed with knitting, I can’t keep my fingers away from the knitting needles and it’s keeping my days alive. Now i’m sitting here with my project in my lap and while listening to Beirut. After seeing this photo at jak&, I have decided to knit the same hat as the guy has, as soon as possible. I really need a new hat to cover my ears in this freezing winter, and white hat is perfect with everything; leatherjacket etc.
But now I have to run! I’m going to eat New Year’s dinner(the Chinese new year) with her family and I can’t wait to our Sweden trip tomorrow! I will for sure eat a lot of junkfood...

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