Thursday, 22 April 2010


eating ice cream with M

After only being on school 2 hours, Marianne and I went to a cute café called Kaffebrenneriet, to have some ice cream. They didn’t have soft ice cream at the moment I was crying for one, so I chose the Italian ice cream, gelato, instead. I picked pistachio and a dark chocolate, and Marianne had dark chocolate and vanilla. They had some rare Italian names that I can’t seem to remember, but the ice cream was for sure one of the best ice cream I have ever tasted!

pistachio and chocolate chocolate and vanilla(?)

We sat outside with our ice cream cups an enjoyed the sunny weather and this was actually this was the second time I ate ice cream from a shop this year. I have always thought ice cream eating as a sign that is almost summer/spring. Don’t you? Living in Norway my favourite flavors are pistachio and the old familiar, vanilla. Every time I get the chance to buy ice cream at Basket Robbins, I always take coconut ice cream. mmm, I miss it. yes, i have done some changes with the blog. What do you think? but now i have to return to my preperation to english mock exam im going to have tomorrow. wish me good luck!


  1. åh, den isen er veldig god!
    Lykke til med Engelsken! Du er jo så flink i Engelsk :) jeg skal ha norsk..

  2. mmm, gelato is my absolute favourite!
    pistachio sounds so good :)

  3. Naam!! Lykke til i morgen (eller i dag), hehe!

  4. hmmm looks so yummi!
    have a great weekend!

  5. gosh that icecream looks so delicious!

    xoxo jenna

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  9. ice creeeam nom nom nom. good luck with english!

    xx come visit!

  10. MMMMMMMM me want^^

  11. Gelato is my most favourite treat. I loev the teeny cups it's served in.