Tuesday, 13 April 2010

my lips are addicted

I have one addiction beside my converse shoes, lip balm. I’m addicted to my lip balm 24/7. I always carry one of my five lip balm wherever I am. They all are around the house: My jacket pockets, in several drawers and I even found one under my bed! They are basically everywhere! Clockwise from the left:

- Carmex. I tried one in a jar when I was in San Francisco and got shocked when I found out they were hanging there in the our supermarket in Norway. In my opinion, carmex are ok. They have their moments where they work and moments where they not working.
- Mentholatum. This is one I got from a friend as a Christmas gift and it is bought from a drugstore. This is the closest perfect lip balm I ever tried and I love the peppermint smell.
- Nivea. I only use this one in the summer and spring time. Because it is the only thing that I know whom got a high sun protection.
- Savex. I haven’t used this one as often I use Mentholatum, but I have used it sometimes. It’s ok, but it is not better than Mentholatum.
- Rosebud Salve. I got this one from Sephora when I was in NYC. I love the colour of my lips, when I have this on. They give the soft pink color and soften my lips. I use the Rosebud Salve as lip-gloss, I will say they are better than lip-gloss.

Do you have any recommends on a good lip balm?


  1. my first time here but - loving your outfit posts, so cute!
    mmm i use to use carmex all the time but i ran out and they dont sell it in bangkok where I live.
    Burt's bees is good, have u tried? it stings a little though.

  2. min favoritt er uten tvil Mentholatum, jeg er som siamesiske tvillinger :) men jeg må si at Carmex også er veldig bra :D
    BTW; Mentholatum har solfaktor 6

  3. i'm addicted to carmex too! and bonne bell watermelon! but i think you can only get that in north america, darn!

  4. Carmex without doubt, but Nivea is great in the summer, because the consistent isn't thick, but thin:)

  5. henriette: jeg vet,men det er så lav i forhold til Nivaea med 25

  6. ive never found a better one than berts bees lip balm, i swear by it

  7. absolutley agree!
    lip balm is my can't live without
    hate having dry/cracked lips
    i'm total paw paw ointment girl :)

  8. I love vaseline in aloe vera

  9. I'm addicted to lip balm too! ;D
    It's my first time here in your blog, and I'm loving it! I'll follow you for sure ^^


  10. i'm addicted too! I have it on every second of the day because if i don't i bite/pick my lips (OCD) lol :(

    I too really like vaseline & the one Biotherm makes. Have you heard of them ? They make really good skin care products, you should look them up.

    I love your blog, i would really like to exchange links with you ♥

  11. I love Rosebud, works everytime! :)

  12. Caudalie lip balm or Fresh Sugar Rose!! Those are the only 2 i use on my lips, i prefer more natural stuff! :)

  13. I carry atleast 10 lip balms with me in my bag daily!