Tuesday, 20 April 2010

reading the host

reading the host reading the host

The math mock exam is done and the English mock exam is around the corner. Three more days, to be more exact. the math mock exam didn’t went so well as I expected. I read the whole weekend and all Monday. But when I had the tasks in front of me, I got totally blackout. Although, I did managed do some of the tasks. Oh well, lets us hope for the best. Do you see how the bed is a mess? it's because i have to walk back and forward between each picture. it drives me nuts.

i'm reading the host in english, to prepare myself to english mock exam. I have only come half trough the book. Have any of you guys read the book? I have read the book in Norwegian before. However, after my experience, the english versions are always better then Norwegian and thicker of course. I don’t usually read science fiction books, but as long it contains love – I’m reading it! Yes, I have passion for romance books. No romance, no reading. oh wait, except for Agatha Christie crims.


  1. Very lovely blog! I like your layout x

  2. uh i'm dreading exams
    i tried reading this book but couldn't get into it, is it good?

  3. took me a while to get into it, but once i was about a quarter of the way through i was soo hooked! and so not what I normally read either.