Friday, 10 June 2011

after the rain

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vintage floral dress used as skirt, h&m men tshirt and steven madden sandals

My stomach is still super stuffed after the lovely sushi date I had with my friends in the town. Helene offered me a free sushi meal as an early birthday gift, so I went little crazy with the sushi menu – I mean, c’mon it’s free sushi! Haha! It makes me sad that I’m not at home in Norway when I turn 18 in few days, but in friggin Asia. I do look forward to be back in Asia for the first time for 14 years, but I want to spend my birthday among my dearest friends in Norway so bad. Oh well.

I can’t still believe that in under a week, I will be 18 and not 17 anymore and finally, I can attend to concerts and drink legally and be in Singpore and Vietnam in the same process. I’m going to be three days in Singapore and then a week in Da Nang,Vietnam. So if you have any tips, feel free to share it! My sister has made a guide on what we’re going to do in Singapore, but I really want to do something more than those usual tourist shit. That reminds me that I have to start to pack my stuff. Fuck.


  1. I love your top and shoes, you look so cute!

  2. @Lovethefabric: ntaw, thank your! :)

  3. such a cute outfit!

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  4. Actually, that's because of the city, you know. A lot of girls are afraid of guys because you can meet some of them who touch you, or insult you and call you like a whore juste because you're wearing a pair of shorts ! They don't respect girls and when the night comes, you will better be careful. That's crazy !

  5. skjønner at du gleder deg, MASSE! skal skrive et festivalinnlegg iløpet av kvelden :)

  6. Love the floral printed dress/skirt! This outfit is ideal for Spring - you look super cute!

  7. @Cookies: what?! That's just weirds.. oh guys..

    @Christine: Ahh, tusen takk! trenger virkelig tips!

    @Aney, Pinkhorrorshow: thank you!

  8. love your blog its so amazing, nice post !

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  9. Love this outfit! super feminine and cute.

    Well it depends on what you consider expensive I guess...compared to Chanel bags they are really cheap, but compared to regular shoes they are well expensive. I got them 4 years ago as a birthday present from my parents and I remember they were 350 euros I think, but Chanel increases prices each year so I think now they are 400 euros. If you'd like to get them maybe on Ebay you can find them at a better price.
    Hope it helps!


  10. @Trini: wow, I guess it's very pricey but it is chanel after all!It looks like I should save money now!

    @Camilla: Tusen takk :)