Saturday, 30 April 2011

the last bits of april

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vintage shirt, levis shorts and zara brouges

The last day of April started with year’s first flea market and finally, I could wear shorts(without stockings!!) outside in the sun. The flea market was okey I guess – the selection was badly since it was apparently the last day of the two-day flea market. But I and Hanna left with a bag full of clothes, which only two items were mine. So on, we went to a park near to sit down and chatting about our last happenings in our lives. I can’t wait when summer time starts and the holiday as well – I love this kind of park life! And I’m going to eat my mama’s Bánh xèo before going off to a birthday party! Have a lovely evening and have fun on the last day of April!



  1. I love flea markets, I think I'm going to a car boot sale this weekend and I cannot wait xxx

  2. Cuuuute! You're wearing one of my favorite color palettes for an outfit, it always looks fresh and classic.

  3. i love that outfit. its so simple but still strong. and yes, its julia stone singing :) i love angus and her!

    die melange

  4. amazing outfit! really like your blog!you have done a great job!
    wanna follow each other?