Wednesday, 12 May 2010



I will be chasing your starlight
Until the end of my life
I dont know if
it’s worth it anymore

This song has been stuck in my head all day. Ah, I love to hear Matthew Bellamy voice over and over again (sorry, alex turner!). I could hear his voice to the endless time. Nothing special has happen since Monday. Wait a minute, today we got to know who came up in written exam and I didn’t come up! Neither did any of my classmates and the rest of study specialized classes or “studiespesialiserende” in Norwegian. I didn’t quite found the right word for it. It is so relief the thought of to not have a written exam ‘ cause if I came up I could come up in Math and I HATE math. So I cross my fingers that I will come up in oral exam and hopefully in English. I double cross my fingers for that.

Now I just want to enjoy Matt Bellamy's voice and the rest of the week ‘cause i have day off to Thuesday and on Monday its 17.mai. If you don’t know what 17.mai is, it’s the Norwegian national day. It’s almost like 4th July, just more joy in my opinion.


  1. åh, gleder meg så til 17. mai jeg også! og jeg kom heller ikke opp!! Det er så deilig!

  2. 17th is Norway's constitutional day I believe:P
    Or something something

  3. Nice clouds
    Nadiye x

  4. Pretty clouds
    Nadiye x

  5. love it so much!
    Thanks for your nice comment! I hope that you following me


  6. great blog, i love all the picture you post here. nice job :)

  7. MUSEEEEEEE! You have great taste in music! Do you listen to the Dead Weather?