Monday, 7 February 2011

a delayed post


bikbok sweater + shorts, vintage shirt collar and topshop boots

I was supposed to post during the weekend, but the stupid internet disappeared. After fixing the internet I’m back at top again! I have never felt so lonely without internet before last weekend. Right now, I’m catching up the last Thursday episode of Skins – gosh, I have missed that series. And I have seen the American version too; let us say that they will never be able to beat the UK gang. Of course, the first generation is still the best.


  1. I can imagine how u must have felt without the internet! It makes addictive!
    Nice outfit!

    - Dani

  2. really great outfit

    lovely blog dear!


  3. i love the shorts and tights trend this winter! love your blog name as well!

  4. i love how white that shirt looks with the camel sweater...such a cute look

  5. Love your sweater!

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